Friday, 26 August 2011

pretty flamingos

I am a bit of a hoarder. I am trying to cut down on the junk accumulated, but there are some things that really make me happy and I'll probably be recording them on here and telling the stories behind the crap I collect. This first photo is of my vintage garden flamingo (I have two) among a display of fake flowers which I set up myself! I like styling and interior design as a hobby, but I'm a little too poor (and messy) to ever take it too seriously. My bedroom looks a lot more like a dusty museum of odd bits and trinkets. One day when I own my own house it will look nicer because I'll hire a cleaning lady to look after me and my six dogs (I only have one right now). My dog is the love of my life. Her name is Bettie Mae.


  1. hoarder... makes me think about dragons ;) too much RPGs ;)

  2. Your boyfriend redirected me here. And, I gotta say, looks to me that your blog has potential. :)
    Following and supporting your work. And looking forward to the new posts! :)

  3. wow! how cute,
    what is price for one of those? :-D

    I think i will follow this..

  4. price for the flamingo or the dog?! both my flamingos were free, gifts from other collectors :)the dog is priceless

  5. Aww I should try find that video of her as a tiny puppy attacking my shoe.