Sunday, 28 August 2011

My Housemates

Thanks for your interest in my junk :) Ok so people have been asking how I have enough room to store all this junk!! The answer is, with some difficulty. Our house is quite cluttered. At the moment I'm pretty lucky, me and three other lovely people share a crumbling old 1930s house in one of Canberra's oldest (and richest) suburbs right near the city. It costs us $650 per week, so around $165 each. Which is why I'm so poor...because I'm on a measly student scholarship. But life is quite good. and I'm also lucky enough to have the biggest bedroom, which is about 3 times the size of a normal sized bedroom, which I share with my dog Bettie who sleeps on the end of my bed.

Luckily my housemates seem to like my crap collection. In fact, my housemates Jess and Dan both collect too! Jess (with the blue hair) loves Hello Kitty and random op shop finds, tack and kitsch. Dan collects comics and books about anarchism. Jess is a hairdresser and Dan is a bus driver.

Today Dan got told off for playing metal music too loud while driving the bus. He was quite chuffed because it made him feel like Otto from The Simpsons.

Today Jess found this great spirits bottle in a handmade wooden case, and there are four small shot glasses in the base! A great addition to our junk collection.

So as you can see, my housemates are very supportive of my eccentricities and clutter. We get along quite well (besides the mess) and bond over our mutual interests of punk rock, tattoos, beer and life in the 'Bra (Canberra, Australia).


  1. It's good to have great roommates. It's hard to get a decent one but somehow managing to get two that share your interests is like an utopia.

  2. Ouch pretty costly housing there. At least you have some good roommates

  3. Looks fun, they look like nice guys, you're lucky

  4. GM is spot on with this one! You lucked out big time.

  5. Looks like you found your own little slice of heaven.