Thursday, 1 September 2011

Canbra Panx Rock Out!

Here documented for your amusement are some of the fun times had with peeps in the local punk scene. Good times to be had fo sure.

 Here's a pic of some of the regular crew, messing about in Glebe Park which is kinda our big city park, which is tiny compared to NY Central or London's Hyde Park. Basically its about the size of two football fields, filled with trees and a couple of BBQ spots. Great setting for a few beers and frisbee.
 At a Basement show, rockin out! This band is called 'All in Brawl'
Here is one of my best friends  the ever handsome Jack Lusty on drums at a Punk in the Park. He plays for a band called Eye Gouge, who sound like a lot of old school American hardcore.
 Here's Eye Gouge again at Punk in the Park, usually held down by the lake in the warmer months, cos it is well stupidly cold here in winter.
 Knife Fight from USA came and played at one of our Punk in the Parks. I've been going to PITPs for over ten years now, and this was an ok show. Good size crowd, really good band too. There were probably much crazier times in the old days when more punk bands played. Hardcore crowds tend to take themselves a bit too seriously. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s when the punk bands played there were often streakers and lots of dancing and we would have BBQs while the bands were on. Really really good memories.
Another shot of Knife Fight.

 I hope these posts are of interest to give you an idea of what we do in my town for fun. Really where I live (Canberra, Australia) is one of the most boring places on the face of the earth (I have traveled quite a lot so this isn't just talking out of my ass, it is actually true) but occasionally when a good punk show happens it makes this town not so bad for a few hours :))

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  1. I wish I was at this Punk in the Park of which you speak

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. What concerns me is the booze. Was there a place to buy or you had to bring it yourself?

  3. It's a DIY venue, Mr. Plumber, no bar so BYO drinks.